This land of Sanuki, abundant in rich seaweed - is it for the beauty of the land that we do not tire to look upon it,

or for its holiness that we find it thus inspiring? Eternally flourishing - with heaven and earth, with the sun and the moon,

this very image of grace - so we have come to know it. From Naka harbour, we set out came rowing on

when the tide winds blew through the sky; in the offing we saw the towering waves,

upon the shore white crests billowing, in great fear of these whale-hunted seas, our ship ploughed on - as we bent the oars.

So many scattered islands here and there, but we set to on rugged Samine - we praise its name - and built a shelter on the rocky shore.

And there you lay - we saw you fallen on a bed of stones, with only a beach to serve as pillow, with the endless roar of waves.

And if I knew your home, I would go and bring them news. If your wife but knew, she would surely come and seek you out.

But not knowing even the road straight as a spear of jade, she waits and waits, with anxious heart, your beloved wife.

Kakinomoto no Hitomaro. Man’yōshū Vol.2 #220